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Spoken English :
(1) Fast track Spoken English course: The Fast track spoken English course is for the students who have the basic knowledge of the language, but they are hesitant in speaking in public.With the duration of only 45 days it’s a unique course offering complete knowledge about the language the entire world speaks. Course includes written as well practical exercises to make the student grow in confidence. Special assistance is provided for making students grow in confidence and come out of there fear of speaking English in public.

(2) Basic Spoken English course: The Basic Spoken English course is most suitable to the students who have either left studies previously or those who have done their studies in other mediums. With the duration of 3 months this program gives more importance to restructuring of students English language basics. Starting from the very basics of the language to make the student have the utmost knowledge and confidence in speaking English language, course includes exercises and special activities including watching and understanding Hollywood movies and reading and explaining of magazines and newspapers.

(3) Comprehensive Spoken English course: The Comprehensive spoken English course is for the students who have no knowledge of the English language. With the duration of 6 months this course works highly on harvesting the roots of English language in to the students mind from the very beginning to the highest point of public speaking from hand writing improvement to pronunciation skills this course goes deep in to students mind and eradicates the fear of English language.

(4) Special course for students working in call centers. The special course designed for the students working in international call centers is the best option for those who either work in domestic call centers and looking for a job in an international call centre or who want to make a career in call centre with the very short duration of 30 days this course works on improvement of accent of the students for both American and British spoken accents.

IELTS ‘International English Language Testing System',
is an international test of English Language proficiency. It is jointly organized by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, the British Council and IDP Education Australia, and was established in 1989. Those students who wish to get a job or academic admissions in England and Australia have to pass this examination with a minimum of 6 bands to qualify for the job or academic admission in a university over there. Success English Academy provides expertise coaching for IELTS exams and with track record of 100% students securing above 6 bands, is a name in its self.

The TOEFL ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’
evaluates the ability of an individual to use and understand English in an academic setting. It is an admission requirement for non-native English speakers at many English-speaking colleges and universities. The test was first administered in 1964 and has since been taken by more than 23 million students across the world. Success English academy comes out as the best option again with 98% students securing above 85 points out of total 120 points. The research team works all the time to improve the level and content of the material provided to match the international standards.

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